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About Honey Solar 


Kevin started his Solar Career on the sunny islands of Hawaii in 2010, where we was taught Solar by Jim Whitcomb of Haleakala Solar Inc. who installed his first PV System in 1977.  Kevin is adept in both Residential and Commercial Solar and is credited with consulting and helping to design one of the first AC Coupled Solar Systems in the United States.  Kevin has helped launch a number of solar start ups including Astrum Solar Inc. (Inc. 500 #2 Privately Held Company, 2012).  To date over 5MW of solar have been deployed to the grid as a result of Kevin's passion for the efficiency of clean energy.

Kevin Kristofeld 

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Aurora Solar

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Customized Residential &  Commercial Rooftop & Ground Mounted Systems 

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Customer Testimonials

"Kevin helped us purchase and install our PV system. He was great help along the way, clearly explained everything and see the whole deal through. Couldn't be happier with our system!" 

Ivan Siposs  


Y-Times Publications LLC

"Kevin is reliable and conscientious all the way. He saw our solar PV system and battery-backup solar system all the way through from the proposal stage to the first production of power through the PV system". 

Wolfgang Boeker 

Private Consulting

Banking Industry

Kevin was all a pleasure to work with. He listen carefully to the needs, scoped the system, and followed up through the installation. We were very happy with his approach, and the final results. 

Ray Shirkhodai 

Executive Director

Pacific Disaster Center